College of Agriculture (CA) as a strong and vibrant service and degree-offering college, the first among equals, in a premier university. Contributory to the Mission of the Nueva Vizcaya State University and in line with its vision of a strong and vibrant college, the College of Business and Economics shall provide general education courses to all students from the other colleges of the University, and to serve the special needs of other colleges for major courses in the disciplines of the Agriculture. It shall also offer relevant degree courses that stand to benefit the community in particular and the global community in general.The College of Agriculture is geared towards the preparation of students for responsible, creative and useful membership and leadership in the society through innovative designed to stimulate and develop creative, analytical and critical thinking, effective communication and sound judgment, without sacrificing aesthetic, ethical and cultural values.

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BS in Science in Agribusiness The BS Agribusiness program aims to develop highly motivated individuals who are not just able to scan the environment and identify business opportunities, but can mobilize the necessary resources to tap these opportunities on a continuing basis, typically through the creation of a new enterprise.

BS in Science in Business Administration Equip the students with concepts, principles and the theories of Business Management. Prepare the students in organizing and managing activities in manufacturing and service related businesses. Develop the students competencies and skills as entrepreneurs and managers.

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